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Pro MHI Africa

International Conference on “Lessons learnt and Lessons to learn in the field of Micro Health Insurance in Africa”, 2-3 Dec 2009 in Lilongwe, Malawi

The international Pro MHI Africa team held a final conference after their two year project in December 2009 in Lilongwe. The conference constituted a platform for various microinsurance stakeholders in Africa and worldwide. The main objectives of the conference were the following:

I Presentation of common Project outcomes

Common research results and general outcomes of the two year project were presented at the conference and hence new information on the potential, efficiency and sustainability of Micro Health Insurance in Botswana, Ghana and Malawi was disseminated. This presentation formed the basis for an open discussion on these topics. New evidence was gathered mainly within qualitative research as well as in the context of an extensive comparative household survey conducted in Botswana, Ghana and Malawi in 2008 and 2009.

II Insurance Education in Malawi and Best Paper Award

A further aim of the conference was to raise awareness on Micro Health Insurance in Malawi as the common spread of micro health insurance units has not entered Malawi yet. Besides a presentation of the main research results of the Pro MHI Africa project in Malawi the winner of the Malawian Best Paper Award was proclaimed. Furthermore, a round table with important stakeholders in the field of Micro Health Insurance in Malawi was initiated to discuss further steps as well as initiate the establishment of a national network of potential micro health insurance practitioners, researchers and supporters in Malawi.

III Exchange and Dissemination of latest research results on Micro Health insurance in Africa

The Pro MHI Africa team aimed at bringing together national and international microfinance, microinsurance  and micro health insurance experts in the context of the final conference to initiate a common discussion about the emerging field of Micro Health Insurance in Africa.

Official Conference Announcement (PDF)

Conference Program (PDF)

Conference Venue : The Malawi Institute of Management

Conference Program with speaker presentations